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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diabetes Funnies!

 So today I am tired and well lets face it a bit lazy.  That means lets steal stuff from other diabetes blogs and today is from  They have a blog and a picture section with some rather funny stuff.  The picture above sounds about right for diabetes it just randomly hits a lucky person like you and I!
 I do wish my meter had nice sayings like this or maybe my CGM would say things like hey you have been low all day whats the deal?  Like my buddy Jeff always says his medical devices just always tell him he has diabetes.
 I have had diabetes for 25 years and never put something other than put blood on a test strip but I did use the old visual strips and I think they could double as pee strips.  I so think we should all get a bottle of visual strips and see if we can eye ball as good as a meter works.  That would be a fun test.
 These bumper stickers cracked me up and we always talk about this mythical "cure" like is an implantable insulin pump like an 80% cure or the CGM is that a step towards a cure or just another "help" item.  What about a closed loop system is that a cure?  I don't know but I have the worst punctured fingers of all diabetics.
 Sometimes I feel like just getting my handy dandy pocket knife out and just cutting the finger tip off and let it go when you can't find a spot that bleeds.  Have you ever been at the doctors office and the nurse is trying to prick your finger (the word prick is funny in itself) and they have it set at one and you want to just rip it from her hand and do it yourself because you know that it needs to be set on eleven just to get your tiny bit of blood that is in your finger.

Last but not least, Jeff sent me this so I am not sure if it is from his phone or stolen from another diabetic website but to see a sign that says "free diabetes" is just funny.  I am sure there was supposed to be more to this ad but when it is put this way makes you chuckle just a little.

So that is today's post, sorry I am tired, lazy and have diabetes so if you want more from my posts and better information next time please leave a comment.  If you personally have issues with me stealing from other websites send me an email: and include your home address and I will write you a personal apology to you.


  1. Gotta love the Free Diabetes sign. LOL! It would be funny to go up to the pharmacy counter and ask how you can get the free diabetes they have advertised.

  2. It must have been pretty tough. My uncle does the same thing, monitoring his blood sugar level through test strips every single day of his life to make sure everything is okay and about that sign,i find it really funny!