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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I am not sure how to pronounce this.

 My new friend Chris Angell the founder of brought some samples for all us wonderful diabetics at Ragnar, and he also brought these new tasty astaxanthin bars.  Now you are all saying "What is this astaxanthin you speak of?"  Truth be told I don't know but, the package says it is one part unicorn blood, one part leprechaun pee, and one part dried pancreas.  No, I am just joking the package says it is a natural supercharged antioxidant derived from microalgae grown on the shores of Hawaii.
I am not sure how you pronounce the name but I guess and say: ass-tax bar.  Pretty sure that is wrong but it helps me remember the name and how to spell it.  The thing about these bars is that they are like heaven in my mouth or as I described while eating the chocolate, peanut, and caramel bar for the first time: like a mouth orgasm.  These things are wonderful and promote joint health and also has 20g's of protein in them.  That makes these bars the tri-fecta of wonderfulness with protein, antioxidants, and great taste.  Then there is the bad part to all of this, these bars.  They are not for sale at your local store or the inter-web and the only place you can get these is southern California because they are so new to the market.  So, I am down to one last bar and waiting for the perfect moment to indulge myself until these guys go nationwide.  You can go to the website: and demand these bars be sold on the inter-web so that you too can have heaven in your mouth.  Until you do I will be the only one to have had a piece of healthy heaven in my mouth.

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