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Monday, May 13, 2013

Is this Idiocracy?

 So this weekend I traveled to Oklahoma to see family.  I saw a good part of my family but I did not get to see my sister so I now need to make another trip up and see her and the rest of her family.  Saturday my mother organized a big cook-out with a bunch of friends and family and for some odd reason I was put in charge of prepping the food.  Who puts the diabetic in charge of food prep?  It turned out OK and my brother also said I put too many pictures of myself on my blog, do you think so?  I don't.

Here is a picture of my brother cooking up the chicken and steaks, we did some sort of marinade that I forgot that kids do not like pepper or seasoning on their chicken so I verbally apologized and let them all know that at next years mothers day cook-out I would make chicken with no seasoning on it.  I figured they probably would forget by that time.  funny thing about my mother, you see the giant rocks by my brothers huge belly (he harasses me about my diabetes and I get to harass him about his weight, we have this mutual agreement) Those are not real rocks, they are like plaster fake shell rocks my mother had ordered so she could have like "art" in the backyard that was also fun for the kids to play on and could be moved.  They are pretty cool but the only downside to them is that they are hollow and tip over so she had her gardener put some cinder blocks inside them so that nobody would get seriously hurt.  Kind of ironic huh?  Fake rocks that need rocks inside them to stay in place.

 Here is where I pose my question in the picture above.  My mother bought this slip-n-slide for the kids to play in while the adults cooked and conversed.  This had a sharks mouth and if you know anything about a gaggle of boys is that by the end of the day this thing was thrown in the trash.  Boys have this thing about one-ups manship where just sliding on the slide is not enough, they have to then put dirt on it, then that is not enough and find a way to increase the water sprinkles, and it just keeps going and going till someone comes down with diabetes or gets an eye poked.

When we were cleaning up I saw these swimming goggles on the ground and thought that one of the boys had two pairs of goggles, a red pair and a blue pair and switched out the lenses.  It is hard to see on my brothers head that one side is red and the other is blue.
That is when Jeff, one of my brothers best friends since grade school told me that the goggles were actually for the slip-n-slide that it was a 3D shark you were sliding towards with the goggles on.  So yes we all had to put on the goggles and hold up the shark to actually see for ourselves what the 3D did and it made it look like the sharks mouth was real deep.

OK so that brings up the question is this taking a slip-n-slide to the idiocracy ( ) side of life, like not just having a slip-n-slide is cool enough and adding a sharks head was still not cool enough, they had to make it 3D to take it to the proper level of cool?  I remember (does that make me sound old?) as a kid we used to just play with the hose for hours on end, then if we were lucky we had a water balloon fight, and the ultimate was when one of your rich friends would get that clowns head with the stringy hair that whipped you and left red marks on your body.  That was what we had and it was a blast, not 3D sharks heads.  Did your mom ever make that dish soap bubbles stuff and you played with it for like a few hours and had to crank it up a bit and toss a gallon of it into the air conditioner and the yard became a bubble rave with bubbles shooting out of the air conditioner?  Or was that just us.  The backyard was such a magical place as a kid, maybe because we had a shop full of old FAA plane stuff our dad brought home from work but still it was just great fun.

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  1. the hose... HOURS! even better if it had a spray nozzle on it. I can't believe I wasn't rebellious enough to throw the soapy water in the air conditioner! BRILLIANT! But yeah, we would make bubbles with our hands and the dishsoap water.
    I really loved the green hose thing with all the little holes in it. endless fun.

    We never had a slip'n'slide or even the clown hair thingy. We had the boring sprinkler that went back and forth ad nauseum. But we still managed to have a blast.

    I wish life was still like that.
    You do put a lot of photos of yourself on your blog but DUH, this is a blog about YOU! why the hell not? I'd rather see a funny picture of you than no picture at all