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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day

 What do you get your mother that has everything?  OK, so my mother doesn't have absolutely everything but she has all she needs or even wants.  I could have bought her chocolate but she doesn't like to eat alot of that stuff, or I could have bought her flowers and she just had me plant a new rose bush in her backyard so she has all the flowers she wants.  My mother had a custom computer made just so she can play World of Warcraft, even her monitor is like six feet wide.  I have never known a monitor so big you run out of mouse pad three times before the courser gets to the other side.  So I took my mother out for a bike ride.  Just my mother and her favorite son (don't tell my brother I am her favorite).
 My mother was OK with just a short and simple ride in her neighborhood but I wanted to show her the hidden world of cycling.  We headed to the banks of what they call: The Oklahoma River, which is just a section of the North Canadian river that has been turned into a long lake with river boat rides and lots of rowing stuff.  The picture above is of the river boat loading up to show people wild and crazy Oklahoma City.
 Here is a view of the ride and we had a blast.  My mother did like three miles out and then she stopped and said "I am ready to go back my arms are turning pink"  I tried to get her to do just a bit more but that was it for her.
 Here I am getting her bike into my truck and I of course took the opportunity to do a self image of me with her bike.  I took her to the bike shop because she wanted me to fix this mountain bike she bought from WalMart which was a lump of doo-doo.  I told her that it wasn't worth the money to work on and then we headed to a real bike shop were she picked out a great cruiser.  She went with the mountain bike 26" tires because she felt safer on them than the lighter 700 series road bike tires.  I rode the bike up and down the street a few times and was surprised by how the bike did put you in a good upright position.
The last photo we took before heading back.  I loved how my mom got all dolled up to go out on a bike ride, I told her she needs to get a cycling jersey for next time so she can put all her stuff in the rear pockets but she wanted to try out her new bag for Disney World over fourth of July with my brother, his family, and one of his best friends and his family.  On the way home she made me drive around so she could see ways to get to the Oklahoma River from her place so she could go out and ride.  So that makes one more cyclist on the road.  Just a few million more to go.  When we got home she said to me, "wait till I brag to all the ladies in Sunday school about what I did for mothers day."  I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.


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