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Monday, May 6, 2013

When good rides go bad!

 So my good buddy Jeff and I went bike ridding yesterday.  We really didn't have much of a plan for the ride but we knew we wanted to ride and have knowledge of a solid 80% of all the bike paths and routes in the north Dallas area so we took off at 7:00am and planned to ride till either we made it back or Jeff called his wife to get us.
 I am not sure why but, I only have one actual picture of Jeff so instead of using the same photo of him over and over I thought to use one of his many pictures he sends me about diabetes all the time.  This Wendy's sign looks right for a carpool full of diabetics, or just one price conscious diabetic that is currently suffering from a low blood sugar episode.

Now Jeff and I love to ride together because we both don't care.  What do we both not care about?  That would be speed, looks, or anything else.  We just love to ride and have fun.  Think of when you were a kid and your good BMX buddy and you would ride to the corner store to get Slurpee's and Twinkies (maybe that is why I am diabetic?), that is Jeff and I.  We spent probably two hours yesterday hanging out on curbs just shooting the sh*t and cracking jokes.  We talk about anything from diabetes to why Jeff rode yesterday with no air in his tires then the subject can go from food to kids to girls, we just ramble on and on.  Most of our other friends are goal oriented and focused on speed and stuff.  When Jeff and I ride we just ride and stop at at the corner stores where we drink  monster energy drinks, split cliff blocks, honey stinger waffle things, and hang out.  Kind of like in high school where you and your buddy would split one of those giant dill pickles while planning the rest of your evening.
 Back to yesterday, I was feelin very fine, fresh and foxy with my ride and Jeff with his no air pressure in his tires was keeping a pretty darned good pace until we hit the "little Mexico" part of Dallas and we both slowed down because of broken beer bottles, random weirdos on the sidewalk and of course cars.  One intersection is our arch nemesis and yesterday it got me.  It is a three way stop where we cross the street but the cars coming are turning and Jeff was first then I noticed a truck coming right for him and I yelled at him to pick it up so that he would not get hit.  Then once Jeff was safe I then noticed the driver was watching him and turned directly into me so I had a choice to make, get my front tire clipped or speed up and take the truck directly in the grill (t-bone style).  I decided on T-Bone style which was good because the truck hit me and I went up the hood and my bike basically stuck into his grill and he went a few more feet and I was hooked on pretty good and life and diabetes was good.  Then I cleared the truck and he took off and Jeff was about to go chase the guy down but I told him not to worry about it that I did a good number onto the grill and hood of his truck.  We then took a moment to inspect my bike (and inspect me a little) and nothing was really bad and went along our way.  Oh, the funniest thing was this lady who spoke extreme broken English kept saying how she saw the "stupido" man how he was "rude-o" for doing that.  That is when I tried to crack a joke and told her that I was OK and my diabetes would always protect me, then she had a great come back and said "how is diabetes going to protect you in this neighborhood when we all have diabetes."  That was the funniest thing I had ever heard.  Welcome to little Mexico!
 Jeff and I continued our bike adventure and made it to a lake near downtown Dallas and happened into the middle of a car club get together and show.  So yes, like what Jeff and I always do we stopped, looked at the cars, snapped some pictures and went along our way.  There was a Triumph car club, a Jaguar car club, a Mini car club, Lotus car club, and an MG car club there.  In the picture above I for some reason put my thumb over part of the picture,  sorry.
Check out this photo of a three wheeled car and if you look hard to the left of this picture that is Jeff getting out his cellular telephone to do some random texting (is texting and riding a bike any different than doing while driving a car?) and also snapping some pictures of the cool cars.  We finished our 70 mile journey at like 2:00pm in the afternoon after lots of hanging out and enjoying the adventures.  There is nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon with another ADD diabetic, who knows what will happen next time.  I never told you all when Jeff almost killed a guy sleeping on the sidewalk that looked exactly like a smurf now have I?  That was the funniest thing ever, and maybe some day it will be published.

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