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Monday, April 8, 2013

That's What friends are for!

 So Saturday was our kick off ride for the Dallas-Fort Worth "Tour de Cure" happening on August 3rd.  We had tons of wind and our 35 mile ride whichwas shortened to a 25 mile ride due to getting back in time for the party and a few people were not used to 30mph wind gusts.  Above you see my friend Jeff who is our team red captain and who has organized rides for us faithful all winter long and due to him when I was having issues on rides he would stay with me and help me out.
 This got me thinking about how the rides are alot of fun because I have so many friends that ride with us and that also have diabetes.  Above is my running buddy Don who is now an awesome cyclist and second in comand for our team red, has convinced me to do a 100 mile ride in May.  See that is what friends are for to help you when you are down, motivate you to do more, and to share all sorts of stories about diabetes and riding.
 Here is a picture of another friend Jim who does not have diabetes (nor does he have a single ounce of fat on his body) but is like the "Tour de Cure" chairman and also rides with us.  I didn't even know he jammed out on the sitar.  This is just a few pictures of friends but, I love talking to all of them getting to know how to switch from tennis shoes to cycling shoes, what to do with my insulin pump, showing others my CGM.  Then we sat around joking how I always carry a glucagon kit on me and that if I were to ride by myself maybe the kit should be duct taped to my handle bars or my neck for when I pass out I just fall on it and come right back to cycling again (We were just joking and I take having a glucagon kit on me almost seriously).
With all the friends I still can't get any of them to join Don and I for a run but we are never giving up.  Above you can see me in some gear Jeff gave me (I think he thought it was too small for him).  The jersey is a San Antonio ADA team red jersey, and the shorts are team red as well.  Then my friend Lew gave me some speed play pedals that were given to him by Don and we joked how at some time every one of us will have had these pedals and hopefully someone will enjoy them.

If you don't have any friends, or if you are a diabetic that does not participate in any diabetic games then you are missing life completely (OK that was a bit over the top).  The reason is with diabetic friends you all of a sudden have people around that "get it" or what I call: "the understand why the caged bird sings" and you get this outlet to discuss diabetes and issues or things with and also a team of people that motivate and push you to do better.  So go out and join every sugar diabetes organization you can find, maybe you might be the one that saves a diabetic life and can mentor someone.  Check out or any other number of diabetes organizations that may be lurking in your area.


  1. I too have found a bunch of people around me who help me stay active, and with many of us living with diabetes, we all help each other stay safe.

    This post made me smile with appreciation for the groups of friends we both have around us.

  2. Dave honored and touched to be your friend. Thanks for all you do in this fight against diabetes.

  3. Dave you earned the red rider gear when you were diagnosed. I will join you on a few runs. There you have it in writing

  4. Dave, ditto on what Jeff says; it's my honor to know you. You are my running "buddha" and keep me sane. See, that's how karma works, you give, you get back. Think I might be mixing philosophies there, so sue me. :-)

    You rode a fantastic ride Saturday. Let me know what century you're doing. Right now my plan is to do Cross Timbers.