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Thursday, April 25, 2013

My diabetic super hero.

 So one of my diabetic inspirations is my good buddy Vic.  In the picture above you can see him with his finger in his ear not because I am annoying (yes I am very annoying) but because he works almost as hard as he competes.  He was on a conference call the moment he stepped off his plane.
 You are asking yourself what is so neat about this Vic character, first of all he has completed several ironman events.  Next he lives how a diabetic should live, moderation in everything.  Last he will give any diabetic the ironman t-shirt right off his back to help out a fellow diabetic.  Then he volunteers and gets people motivated at events.  Also he is not a super sport snob like most awesome athletes are, Vic will help a runner training for a 1k fun run or another iron-person with a sore hip-flexer.
 Then there is the part of Vic that I can't or have never made mad and trust me I tried to be a little irritating just to see where to draw the line and he didn't flinch one bit and kept right with me the whole event.  One point while he was running he gave me his sunglasses (very expensive) and I got to run up a hill with him while handing him a bottle of water.  Later that night he was resting his head in our van at like one in the morning and I asked him if he would like to hear some jokes, knowing full and well that he wanted sleep and he said yeah lets hear them.  When the Ragnar was over a bunch of us went to a few bars and Vic and I even went club hopping once the rest went back for sleep.  That is a man of nerves, steel, and diabetes.
Now the funny part about Vic is that the first time he met me he could not stand me or be around me.  I think then the inner diabetic child Vic inside him told him that he was to be my inspiration and something warm and fuzzy changed and we are best buds now.  Vic even told me to train hard for next years Denver half iron so we can do another event together.  Can you imagine that?  Me doing an event like that but, that is what Vic does he inspires us to be more diabetic.

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