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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 Yes, I am still talking about Ragnar and I always get the question of "Why do you run this event that is 200 miles with a group of 12 people split into 2 vans for 30 some odd hours?"  The reason for me is that it is so much freaking fun to see that there are crazier people out there than you are and it gives me ideas.  Here I am in front of a van done up like a bunny rabbit.
 Here I am in front of a van that had a Mexican flag on the front (if this is not the Mexican flag then please tell me because it looked Mexican).  They saw me shooting this picture and came over to see if I was tagging their van.  There are games within the game.
 Not just that you dress up your party van but alot of people dress up themselves.  This guy took a hunters turkey decoy, cut out the bottom, added some flair and made a hat out of it.  He told me it was crazy hard to run with it on in the wind.  The wind pushed his turkey head all over the trail.
 This guy and his whole team wore lone ranger masks and he even had a cape.
 This whole team wore cat in the hat outfits.  OK so it was just a hat and a red tie thing with green shirts on underneath but still more than what I did.
 Now these guys took grand prise by my standards, they had real deal wrestler costumes with the full masks and everything.  They even ran with the mask on and capes.
 Not sure if this guy was in costume or had a paper clip accident at work but loved the eye patch.
 This team wore giant hats and they kept passing us and we would pass them.  Not sure how the hat stayed on but never saw it on the ground.
 This team I referred to as the "Nerds" had tight cut off dress slacks made into running shorts, white shirts and ties on.  When I took this picture the girl standing next to me (not pictured) had a glass and I was drunk just from the smell coming from it.  This photo was taken at 8:00am in the morning.
 This was the panda van and next to me you can see a "must dash" on the driver window, that is a tag from "must dash" team.  Not sure why these people were the pandas either?
 Here is one of the "must dash" group, they all had fake mustaches.  This girl seemed kind of stoned but did not smell like it or anything.  Maybe just high on Ragnar.
 Of course there were tons of pretty people and even more pretty laddies.  We were at all the same rest stops with these girls so I took a picture with them. 
This team turned on this boom box every time their runner came to an exchange.  At the last major exchange (where you switch vans on the course) they had a zumba party bust out and you know me I joined in.

See any big race has weirdos and funny people but Ragnar puts your weird and funny to the test because it spans two days so can you wear a too-too for that long or a cat in the hat outfit while pooping in a porta-potty?  Then live in a van with 5 other people and the smell just gets bad as the day goes on.  So the hard part about Ragnar is the waiting for your time to run, living with other people always in your space, no sleep, all the other teams, eating at weird hours since you have to wait for a descent meal at your major exchange.  Oh yeah I almost forgot they had a rave going on at our 2nd or 3rd major exchange that was in the middle of the night, disco ball, DJ and fire pits.

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