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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Canadian Diabetes

So I have been surfing for a new cycling jersey.  Currently I have been wearing just a running shirt made of that fancy moisture wicking material but I wanted a real-deal cycling jersey with the cool kids pockets in the back and all.  The thing is I don't want just a random plain Jane cycling jersey, I want something that is unique and different like myself.  While trolling the inter-web I came across this "Team Diabetes Canada" jersey and sent the seller an email to see if they would lower their price any (59.99 plus shipping).  There were no bids and the auction ended in two days and low and behold the seller emailed back and said they would do free shipping (from Canada) and lower the price to 39.99 USD.  I jumped all over that and in the picture above you can see me wearing my sweet new riding jersey.  Now I just have to do the math to convert type 1 diabetes to Euros.