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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I like about Quick Sticks!

 I was washing my clothes last Sunday and I am real good about emptying my pockets and making sure no chap stick or change gets into the washing machine.  This past Sunday I had to wash a bunch of my cycling clothes and with those bottomless pockets in the back I guess I didn't get everything out because when I opened the washing machine I saw a package of sour apple Quick Sticks in the machine.  This brought fear that my clothes would all be diabetes quick acting sugar coated and if you all can't remember I am a diabetic so I could have unexplained highs from like osmosis or something.  I hope none of that laundry is my underwear, that would be embarrassing to put that on my blog.
Once I got all the clothes out of the machine I picked up the package of Quick Sticks and there were no tears or leaks and the product was perfectly dry inside.  I was so relieved and it made me think of why I like to use Quick Sticks at certain times.  Quick Sticks are tubes of this fast acting glucose powder that can easily be placed in your pocket.  Since I wear slacks at work and you know when you wear a pair of slacks anything in your pocket looks like an odd bulge and since Quick Sticks is small I can keep then discretely in my pants without anyone knowing or having an odd bulge.  Then the package is from what I found out water proof unlike alot of those tablet forms of glucose which I like since I keep them in my cycling jersey and up my shorts legs and a couple in my bike pouches.  Now I don't use these to run with since a mouth full of powder just is not efficient but on a bike they are great.  Now I do still buy the tablets, and gels, and all sorts of other diabetes recovery sweets just I use different ones at different times and places.

If you go to the Quick Sticks website: you will see a guy in a black shirt dumping some Quick Sticks in his mouth and also surrounded by other people.  That is my buddy Jeff, and he said when they were filming the pouring part of the ad they made him do it over and over.  Now Jeff is a type 1 diabetic and he said before they had their last shoot he tested and his BG's were in the 300 range from having to down all that glucose and he started to get sick and the film people kept asking him to do it again so they could get the right amount of powder going into his mouth.  That story always cracks me up about what us diabetics have to go through to get things right.


  1. I have to tell you those strawberry waffles are now the bomb

  2. These quick sticks are no longer available at walgreens or cvs. Any idea what happened? That website link doesn't even work...