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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 During Ragnar I met all sorts of over the top interesting people that make my life seem little compared to what they do.  In the picture above is me photo bombing Chris Angell which is the founder of Glucolift the all natural glucose tablet.  So I played my usual 20 questions with him to get the reason he started glucolift and also what the future plans were for the product.
 Glucolift is a pretty awesome glucose tablet if you have never tried it that might be because it is purchased through the inter-web They have three flavors that all rock but the orange cream is just like a dream-sickle pop sickle or like an orange Julius.  Chris was telling me that alot of the reason behind Glucolift is that he did not like the flavor of what was on the shelf currently and also none of it was all natural so of course like we all do (just kidding) he started Glucolift and changed the world of glucose tablets.  It is nice to meet Chris and find out he is not an evil corporation out just milking money from diabetics but he is actually one himself and started this to help us out.
Chris is a man with a company that gives back and he sponsored our Ragnar teams, ran on the ultra team and he even got out and painted the vans with his blue rocket ship.  The rocket ship on our van kind of had a bit of a belly so everyone kept asking if Glucolift was some sort of whale we were raising money for or something.  Doing things like this creates such positive momentum in any diabetics life.  Now I am friends with more diabetics, we all are now wanting to do more events which means staying in shape, and last it is nice to talk to others and find out that you are not the only diabetic that does stupid things but we all do something our doctors would punch us for.  I saw my friend Vic put a second pump site on and I was like what the heck is he doing.  Then he explained how he had just a little bit of insulin left in the pump and we were heading out so instead of waste he just had a new site ready and when he ran out of insulin he changed sites with nobody even knowing.  See I do learn new ways to cheat the system.

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