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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Diabetes Ragnar Build Up

 I just returned from Ragnar SoCal and if you remember I participated in Ragnar DelSol in Phoenix.  SoCal starts in Huntington beach and we run 195 miles to San Diego.  Our team had a brisk 5:00am start and I was runner number one.  So you know what I did, I slept in my running gear.  I figured I was going to be wearing it for the next 35 hours or so and what is a few more hours.
 What I learned at DelSol is that hotel rooms lack enough diabetes plugs, especially diabetics that are about to live life on the road as a traveling gypsy van.  I brought my own power strip so that we could leave the lights plugged in the room and also charge everything up.  I did bring an inverter for the van but it failed after about 12 hours.  Not sure if we pushed the 75 watt inverter too hard or if just my cheap stuff broke.
 We all learned from DelSol and this time our van was decorated by Glucolift the all natural low blood sugar treatment.  If you have never tried their orange creme than you don't know what heaven is like during a low until you do.  It is like a slice of low BG heaven in your mouth.  The funny thing about decorating our van is that the logo for Glucolift is a blue rocket ship but, when you hand draw it on a van for some reason it turns into a giant whale.  So we had lots of fun with the beached whale jokes.
I was so ready for the porta-potties this time.  I was almost excited to use them I was so prepped for them.  I did alot better this time than last but the time change and eating a lower carb diet caused for a few lows and I must admit when we were at the beach for the dawn phenom surf party I needed a glucagon injection.  So now I had fun and learned even more and will be faster next time, more diabetic next time, and other stuff to improve my Ragnar'ness or something.


  1. Enjoyed racing with you - just curious - how does one become more diabetic?

    1. It has something to do with your glycemic index or something.

    2. It has something to do with your glycemic index or something.

  2. Great job Dave. You rock my friend.

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