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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I have signed up for daily emails from a random product company called "Grommet" and most of the time they have some pretty funny stuff like attachments for your cell phone so that you can text with one hand or carry a giant boxed wine bag in public disguised as a hand tote.  Then sometimes they have great stuff like the YouTube video above about the "SpareOne" emergency phone.  Now I and most people now know that any cell phone will call 911 no matter if it is activated or not but, the problem is that most old cell phones are always dead.  I am one to keep an old cell phone around the house but once I saw this product I now am thinking this is an excellent idea for anybody and also for any place.  This thing even works with your personal Sim card so you can just put yours in and make calls when you are left high and dry with no battery.  The bag the phone even comes in acts as a waterproof flotation device for the phone and if that wasn't enough you can talk through the bag as well so to not kill it with water.  The phone uses just a single AA (double A) battery and has a shelf life of 15 years, I think that is if you use those lithium batteries.  Not sure if a regular alkaline battery works in it or not.  So for like under 100 dollars you can always have 911 near you even if the other side is not near you (does that make sense?)  If you like daily weird items in your inbox then go to and sign up and look into this great emergency cell phone.  What a cool new world we live in with all these updates to our old devices.

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