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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meter Bag

So if meter bags are like purses then I like a big open purse, I mean meter bag.  I like it to be able to carry my gift cards (Starbucks), rite in the rain notepad during the week, pen, batteries (three different sizes AA, AAA, and CR123), jump drive, emergency pills (just in case I forget to take my meds in the morning), backup chap stick, library card, and alcohol pads.  With my current Lilly insulin bottle bag it works for all these things and I have space just in case I switch meters, carry a backup meter, need a place to put a backup pocket knife, and flashlight.  You never know when you need these things.  Since this bag is made for glass insulin bottles it is slightly padded and the zipper opens the bag up like a clam shell so I can cram even more stuff in it.
What I have found recently was that I need a smaller bag to just carry just my meter if I am running around and want my meter on me but not everything else.  I was teaching some camping classes at SMU and had to go from classroom to classroom but my bag was in a box with rope and stuff and I did not test a couple of times because it was going to be a hassle to get it out.  Then last weekend I was out and about camping with the scouts on my ranch and I just left my bag at camp while I was out walking around for a couple of hours.  One time I did put my Lilly bag on my belt about a year ago but really felt like an old man and it was way to clumsy to ever do again.
You are saying to yourself: "Umm Dave just use the bag the meter comes with.  It is usually pretty small and has a belt loop as well."  The thing with the manufacturers bag that the meters come with, is they are of the lowest quality.  My old Omnipod bag fell apart in my hands the day I got it.  Those bags are not worth the fabric they are made out of.  Then they put all this plastic in them and try to force you to conform to the way they want you to organize your bag.  What sounds like in theory is some sort of military Molle small gear bag (Ken actually told me that is what I needed to look at).  
I was looking around the Maxpedition website trying to see if they had any small bags and I came across the one above.  Now my luck is this is a free bag only when you buy 100 dollars worth of gear.  They have a couple more and I can search the ever expanding web to see if there is a compact belt bag that can just fit my meter and pricker (OK maybe my rite in the rain notepad and pen as well).  By the time I am done putting gear on my belt I will look like redneck batman.  I already have my pump, multi tool (only when camping), and phone.  What is one more bag hanging from my belt?


  1. It sounds like this Ken guy really knows what he's talking about! Check CheapThanDirt for other manufacturer's of MOLLE gear.

  2. You are hilarious and I love the purse comparison. You can call it your Man Bag instead of a hand bag. I guess women are fortunate in that we already have to carry purses so we can just shove all that stuff in there.