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Monday, March 19, 2012

Road Trip sites along the way.

 I am now well aware of how to prep for a road trip that includes mountains and no Internet and cell phone reception.  Have posts prepared just in case you can't write a post on the road.  So now I have so much to tell about and am so far behind.  Last week we took a family spring break trip from Dallas TX to Gatlinburg TN.  This is something like a 14 hour drive and we left at 6:00am on Saturday morning and made it to Memphis TN around 1:00pm and time for lunch.  Now I am not a huge BBQ fan but, the best BBQ on the planet is Charles Vergos Rendevous.  I think the fear of BBQ is in the diabetes genes or something.  Just way to hard to count the carbs.
 The family has never been to Rendevous so it was appropriate for us to stop and get some world famous pork ribs.  I ordered the full order of ribs which were extremely good and tasty.  My son ordered the same and my wife had a chicken sandwich.  She plays it safe on road trips with the food.  Above you can see the excitement on my face to be at Rendevous.  Now, my wife says I hold my hands in a fist position like a primate and that my posture is horrible.  Looking at the picture above I have to agree with her.

The good thing is my BG's never were above 178 the whole trip, even after my slab of ribs.  Is it healthy if anything is served by the portion size of "Slab."  Reminds me of the Jim Gaffigan joke of is there anything healthy that you can order it in the size of "Bucket."
 Oh the lovely self pictures while waiting for our food.  I think they had a little March Madness in Memphis and the place was packed with college fans.  My wife says the under the head self photos gives people double chins so I should start taking the self photos above the head to hide the double chin.
What a fancy looking Caddy.  I was taking pictures of this car when the parking attendant told me it belongs to one of the guys that works at Rendevous and he has him park it up front so that people walk by and take funny pictures of them posing in front of it. 

Now when camping, or traveling make sure to look for any place to stop that is historic or a "must see" destination along the way.  Instead of stopping at McDonald's or Wendy's you can see a historic site or visit the worlds largest Moth ball or something.  This way you look forward to each stop and it adds spice to your trip.  My son and I count Cracker Barrel restaurants along the way.  Then with the diabetes I usually do a plus 20% to my basal rate and have my co-pilot test me often.  My BG's run high and I also love to snack and drink plenty of fluids along the way.  Then when I get to my destination I am well prepared for whatever comes my way.  After this 14 hour drive I was ready to walk the town and do something because I prepared along the drive.

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