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Friday, March 9, 2012

"It's so cold in the D"

 So in the Dallas area (where I live) we usually get a nice warm streak in the middle of winter.  That warm streak gets everyone all spring crazy and people go out and plant their gardens early (I made that mistake once) and put up their winter coats and sweaters.  Then when you just know that the little ground hog thing is wrong it bites you in the butt and a cold front moves in.
 OK, so Dallas really doesn't even get a winter, more of just a cool fall with a few days of winter like weather.  This winter has been one of the best on record (for me at least) because it has been down right warm all winter long and we never even had a descent frost much to say snow like last year (can we all remember the super bowl?).  My early, middle spring bulbs have already bloomed and gone away.  The only bulbs I have left to bloom are my lilies and they usually bloom just after Easter.
Last night my son fell into this "spring fever" and decided to be proactive and remove the insulating walls off of Pete the Chickens coupe.  When I woke up to let the dogs out, I look over and see Pete cold as she can be.  The temperature last night was in the upper 30's and she was not a happy camper.  I asked my son why he took the insulating walls off and he said: "it was warm when I did it yesterday."  Now I was not mad or anything but it does show us that patience is a virtue and sometimes waiting is not procrastinating but holding off for the appropriate time.  I think this also goes with diabetes.  We or at least I sometimes eat something (I eat like a goat) and know that it was way too much fat and also way too many carbohydrates.  I do the math for everything and then feel it is not enough.  You all know that feeling that your sixth diabetes sense tells you to push the button just a little more it wont hurt.  I always think there is this little insulin bottle on my shoulder and he is talking in my ear like hey buddy what could hurt with taking one more unit?  Then about an hour later after I am stuffed from Pizza or sweets I get the shakes and know I did too much and have to pile more carbohydrates on top of the ones I already had just to get my BG's.  So lets all remember spring is still on March 20th and I should eat less pizza and count my carbohydrates better.

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