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Monday, March 5, 2012

Issues with the Paper Boy

Today is a day of victory for me.  I have been battling the paper boy for almost two years now.  He has delivered the paper to me ever since I stopped paying for it. 
 The thing is, he is not delivering "the paper" he is delivering this shortened version called "The Briefing." which is a small sampling of what the paper actually is.  I guess he does this to try and win me back.  I used to love getting the paper and reading it everyday at lunch.  With the advances in technology and the invention of craigslist the paper has to find new forms of revenue.
 Those forms of revenue was taking the price I used to pay for the paper for eight years of 98 dollars to 324 dollars a year.  Well the paper was a luxury item and with an increase like that it had to go.  Now I had separation anxiety at first but now I am great with not getting the paper.  I might not know all the box scores for the Texas Rangers during the season but I can still follow them with my smart phone.

The paper is delivered at sometime around 5:00am and I am not up at that time. Every attempt at stopping this paper delivery has failed.  Leaving them in the yard, calling the paper, and sending emails. I decided to show the paper boy, with my papers that I did not want the paper any longer.  I started making a wall with all the papers in front of my house.  Every day he would deliver a new paper and every day I would just add it to the wall.  Today was the day of victory and he did not deliver the paper.  That people I call a diabetes win for all of us.  Now my house does not look vacant (I hated picking up those papers) and we save a pine tree or something.
My blogging buddy and also another type one diabetic Scully, let me know that she enjoys seeing the "Pete the chicken action picture of the day" so I thought to give it another try today and photograph her.  Here she is fresh out of the coupe this morning chomping on my weeds.  After this picture she ran over to the dog bowl and was chowing down on their left over dry food.  I am thinking of giving her some more of that dog food because she looked like she was in heaven pecking at that bowl.  As soon as I brought out the camera though she ran away from the bowl, so now I have to get her eating dog food out of their bowl.

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  1. As I scrolled down and caught a glimpse of Pete a smile surely did cross my face. I imagined you - again - running around the yard with your camera.
    oh and the wall of papers? where do you come up with this stuff? ha