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Monday, March 26, 2012

Product Updates

 I wanted to do another product review update.  Last weekend my friend Ken and I were having one of our usual discussions about camping gear and I mentioned how my rite in the rain notepad is an essential part of my gear (relative use here) and that I will use this product from now till something better comes along.  He argues that this is just an expensive notepad and he can just use a .69cent cheap notepad (The rite in the rain costs about 4 bucks) and use a zip lock bag to keep it safe.  Now, Ken and I have these discussions in a fun and productive manner but we agreed to disagree (I am right on this one).
 The reason I love the rite in the rain notepads so much is because I have been using a notepad for the good part of eleven years now.  They are great to write down a memorable meal or a BG number.  I can put down notes to remind me of anything to do or to ask my Endo or dietitian the next time I see them.  Yes, all of you are saying that these are easily done on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer.  What those items don't do well is go camping where I spend most of my weekends peeing on trees and breaking electronics.

My rite in the rain notepad was in my pocket while we were fishing in the Smoky Mountains two weeks ago and when I went under not once but twice the notepad was still legible to read and also write on.  My camera did not work after it went under and lucky for me my meter was in a safe bag and my phone was back in the vehicle.  The rite in the rain notepad just needed to be left out to dry over night and I was still using it the whole time, wet and dry.  The good thing about taking a dip with the rite in the rain notepad probably was now it doesn't have all my sweat in it any more.  I now can go back and look at my BG diary and all my scouting notes any time I want, rain or shine.  This product is definitely worth the money.  The 88 cent notepad with all my Italy honeymoon notes in it  was washed once and never survived.

The rite in the rain has several styles and sizes but for some reason I just love the outdoor journal size and it has a handy ruler on the back.  Maybe in the future I will try another model but for now why change what works.


  1. I have to say..that's impressive! Even for pencil? Is it special paper then?

  2. I have one of those and I love it. Combine the notepad with the super cool "space pen" and it's pretty much indestructible.
    And people still make fun of me when I pull out my daytimer to write in appointments when I have an iphone.
    Just old school like that.