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Friday, March 23, 2012

It is about time!

 Spring is in the air.  Everyone is dying from allergies and the pollen count is through the roof.  My grass needs to be mowed again.
 The Red buds are in bloom.  Don't look down at the bottom of this picture of my jungle of a garden.
 The Wisteria is blooming and the days are getting longer. Everything could not be going any better than this.  Even our lakes are filling up in Dallas.  We have been in a pretty bad drought and now we have all the water we could want well at least for now.
 Then the most wonderful thing has ever happened this spring.  Pete the Chicken laid her first egg!  We are so excited to now make fried eggs, hard boiled eggs, and egg salad.  When we first received Pete the Chicken from our friends I told my son that if she does not produce any eggs in six months she is going to be a good nights meal of fried chicken.  With the skin on of course.
 Well we received Pete the Chicken on October 31st of last year and now on March 18th of this year she started laying eggs.  I will tell you something, she is like an egg factory.  When they say they lay an egg a day they aren't joking she lays an egg every day.  Above my son is holding her first three eggs.  Well she had four by this time but her first one was a soft weird one.  What good times are these because it was going to be hard to snap that neck next month and pluck those feathers off for some extra crispy chicken.  Now we can eat Un fertilized Pete's all the time.  Maybe we can get enough by Easter to have a Easter Pete the Chicken egg hunt?  Who knows.
This sign cracked me up on our vacation.  You have of course seen the free wine tasting signs on Vineyards.  In Tennessee they have free moonshine tasting.  I am not a drinker but my wife tried them all.  She was real partial to the apple pie.  I know what you all are going to ask, did we buy any.  Of course we picked some up for the family.

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  1. I gotta say, I'm rooting for Pete. Yay Pete!