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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sometimes I amaze myself

My wife recently told me I needed to start running outside instead of on the treadmill at the gym.  Her reasoning was that first, the treadmill does not give you proper resistance as actual running does.  Next, she said I needed to be acclimating myself to being outside even with the extreme heat.  So I took her advice and for the past month I have been hitting the pavement in my neighborhood.  On the treadmill I could watch baseball games for hours on end and my cellphone rested on the machine.  Now that I am outdoors in the weather I have to take precautions for my diabetes and my electronics (I sweat like there is no tomorrow). 
I hold my cellphone in my hand while I jog the streets.  All you apple people should take a look at how awesome the Zune player is and how the Windows phones work.  When it comes to music I am a complete flake and the Zune player is a subscription service so you can download every song your heart desires and it only costs you 10 bucks a month.  Now with all these songs on my phone I scroll through the songs constantly looking for that right song for the right time.  Say today is Debbie Gibson's 41st birthday.  Well you have to listen to "Lost in your eyes" to celebrate the day right?  With Zune you just pull it up and put it on you phone and that is it.
OK, back to how I amaze myself.  With all my sweat in my hands and holding my cellphone I am woried about getting any moisture inside.  So, in the past I have told you about the Aldi Wonder Shammy which sells for 2.99 for two.  I took one shammy and measured my cellphone and cut a piece so that I can wrap it around my cellphone.  The shammy is held in place by a rubber band and I still have the ability to operate the RunKeeper program and play my zune at the same time.  Both of these things can perform and I can still scroll through my songs all while keeping my cellphone intact.  Now most of you are saying: Dave why don't you just get an otterbox and be done with it.  Well I have an HTC Surround phone and there are no otterboxes for them at this time.  Also my fix costs less and makes me feel good that I can do things on my own.

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