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Friday, September 2, 2011

Diabetic Shoes

So I stepped in some dog doo the other day and realinzed that I have not had new soles put on in well over 5 years.  The giant holes through the leather was kind of the sign.  Now as being a diabetic and when it comes to shoes you spend good money, you buy what works, and you stick with quality.  I bought my current burgandy dress shoes back in 1998 and have had the soles replaced 4 times
Gross,  See where I stepped in it.  My dogs make a mess of my backyard.  The hard part about keeping shoes for this length of time is finding a shoe repair person or place.  I have never had my shoes repaired twice at the same place.  They always go out of business when I go back or they no longer perform shoe repair and sole replacement.  I put shoe shops in the same bucket as taylors, dry cleaners, hair specialists (or lack of hair specialists), and jewelers.  You should always have "a guy" that does these things for you.  I never feel like I have lived anywhere until I have all my non-basic places figured out.  You could also put florist in that catagory as well.  So this is like when there is an occaision when flowers are needed, you have a guy that does that for you.  When it comes to jewelry needs, I have a guy for that.  When I put a few pounds on and my pants are snug, I have a guy for that.  Now most of these are women that do these things for me just the saying is: you have a guy for that.
As a youth growing up in Oklahoma it seemed like there were shoe shops on every corner.  Now I have to almost hire a detective to get the job done.  Now I have been a believer of the "Millionare Next Door" philosophy when it comes to shoes as buy a classic look that never goes out of style and spend a good amount on it.  In the end the shoes feel better, always look in style (except the dog doo), and can be resoled and repaired.
My wife always says I am like an 80 year old man in a 30 somethings body because, I get excited when I have to buy new tires and get my shoes resoled.  It is like you have that new tire smell, white stickers, and the cute nubs.  With newly resoled shoes you have that fresh black on the sides, fresh shine, shiney leather, and new heals.  It just makes me happy.  Now I have found a shoe shop near my work and just have to find the time to take these shoes out of my rotation and get them in the shop.


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