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Monday, August 22, 2011

I have created a monster!

My friend Ken went on his first backpacking trip with our boy scout troop last May.  We did about 13 miles in 2 days at lake Texhoma.  The final 3 miles or so was  a bit of a death march for alot of the boys.  So my friend Ken is now obsessed with lightening up his pack.  These people that go to all these extremes to have the lightest pack on earth but still cary everything needed to survive are called Ultra light backpackers.  Ken has not made it to that part but he loves reading about things to make to take less.

The above double cap looking device is something he read on another blog about how to make a waterproof container for those items like toothpaste, salt and pepper, shampoo, soap, or foot powder.  When you buy the product from the store they give you enough for weeks or even years.  Now with this handy double bottle cap you can take enough just for a week or weekend without the extra weight.  Like how sunscreen comes in large containers you can dab a little in this container and lighten the load.

Since I am a diabetic there are all sorts of containers I get that fill most of these needs.  Test strip containers are universal for almost everything.  I just like how my friend took a little time, some trash, and a hot glue gun and now has a conversation piece.  This also fuels his want to hit the trail and also gets me pumped to be out backpacking.

Ken is going to make the individual sized single use antibiotic packs soon.  Now that is something that will save any diabetic money.  How many of us buy a huge container of antibiotic ointment and just leave it at the house because it is messy, to big to cary in our testing purses, and costs alot for the individual sizes which are more like 5 single uses in one pack.  The individual packs also cost a fortune.    I will post this when Ken makes them and we test them out by making huge gashes in our arms or something while we are miles from nowhere (J/K).

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