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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pork Butt

Ok my carb ratio is 15:1 so for every 15 carbs taken in I bolus one unit of insulin.  The 1 unit of insulin is Humalog given to me by my pump.  For dinner on Saturday night out at DCYC one of the guys smoked a "Pork Butt" for 10 hours.  With this butt we also had baked beans, rolls, and baked potatoes. 
I was teaching knots all day to the boys for their small boat sailing merit badge.  It was 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening and the heat was running a good 95 degrees with a rising humidity level.  As any diabetic knows you read the health label on everything but, with all these factors you run your insulin a little lower.  This is a great reason to be outdoors with all the sun and activities you get a real simmilar "diabetes holiday" with this type of environment.  I get to eat candy, have seconds, and even drink sugar sodas.  All this is done just to keep my numbers above 90.

Back to dinner, the hardest part is the glutinous feast we prepare.  There is nothing healthy about this dinner that is prepared.  Trying to carb count is like herding cats.  I think all diabetics will be in this situation on time or another trying to do algebraic equations for your bolus and figuring out how long on the delay and how much.  This pork butt was so good.  After the feast another leader had made pineapple upside down cake that was to die for.  We have another leader that makes a mean pineapple upside down cake with a yellow cake that rocks my world as well, just this one had a pound cake texture to it.  You can't beat a great dutch oven dessert after a feast. 

In the end I tested 3.5 hours after eating to see if I needed an adjustment bolus after 8 oz of pork but, 4 oz of stubbs BBQ sauce (I had the honey pecan and could have drank it out of the container), a good 4 oz of baked beans, 3 rolls, baked potato with cheese and 1 oz of butter, and 2 servings of cake.  The result was a 107!  I was so excited to be that perfect, I then looked around and no one could care less.  So I high fived myself for how well I did all weekend.  This was a win-win weekend.  I ruled my numbers all weekend and also ate like a king.

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