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Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Friday

I am a 37 year old kid.  Recently I posted about my obsession with a game I created called: "Car Fishing."  This car fishing is me getting pictures of odd or even super cars.  Dallas has alot of money in it so this game is alot easier than when I was a kid growing up in Oklahoma and just played the pre-cell phone camera game called: "Car Spotting."  Not alot of cool cars in Oklahoma.  Yesterday I saw this orange Lotus Exige on my way home and had to try and get it. 

Traffic worked out to my benefit and look at the great side picture I got.  I would call this an 8 out of 10 on the car fishing game.  If I could have taken a better side picture and a front picture then it would be higher.

How does this deal with diabetes, camping or anything?  It doesn't directly deal with them.  This is just one of those small things to do during the day that just makes each day worth it.  I would put this in the catagory of "Planking."  Planking is dumb but when people show me funny pictures of where they have planked it makes me chuckle and just adds to the positve of each day.

Yesterday I was thinking about all sorts of stuff.  It was my brothers 40th birthday and that means 3 more years till I get old.  Dallas lost the consecutive 100+ day streak at 40 when the record was 42 and I was sad about that and glad because 96 does feel alot better than 100+.  So when I see this beautiful Lotus, it just turns my frown upside down and makes my day great.

My wife and son now text me pictures of their catches and it cracks me up that maybe Car Fishing will catch on someday.  It just might be the next planking or owling.

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