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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sham WoW

My wife turned me onto these when my son and her attended a week long float trip in Missouri a few years ago.  The leader of the excursion told everyone to bring instead of a towel to dry off a camp towel.  After the canoe trip we had the camp towels just sitting around the house next to the dry sacks waiting for the next canoe trip.  These towels weigh next to nothing and are extremely small.  This gave me the idea of taking them along on other trips like backpacking and general camping trips.  I was hooked ever since and had to take and keep these everywhere.

When I saw that Aldi had a similar product but twice the size and a third the cost I had to stock up.  These things are amazing for everything.  Keep one in the car, camping dry box, survival kit, and garage.  Get your scissors out and cut them in half the long way as bathing towel.  I cut them int quarters and keep one in my pocket while backpacking to wipe my brow of sweat and to keep moisture away from my pump site.
These things dry you off after a swim in a lake in no time and like I said earlier they pack down to nothing and are light as a feather.  On my diabetes scale I would give the Freshine Wonder Shammy 4 syringes out of 5 syringes.

In the garage these things dry your car after a wash in no time without the swirls.  They come in handy in my truck when you get wet or sweaty after a long run.  On camping trips they are the best thing in your dry box to get the dishes dry.  Last they work wonders in your personal gear instead of a bulky shower towel.

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