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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How much light is too much light?

When it comes to camping gear people have all sorts of opinions and reasons why they like certain items.  The latest opinion war that has bubbled to the surface is how bright a flashlight should be.  Now I have had 2 cataract surgeries related to a car accident.  My thought about flash lights is I want as much light at night out in the woods as possible.  My friend Ken wants it to be as dark as possible at night so his natural "night eyes" are as bright as possible.  Another friend Dustin is a big fisherman and likes to use the green lights or red lights to keep from scarring any critters.  Now my next friend Paul likes to have his lantern on as a beacon of light and occasionally uses a clip light.

During our campout a couple of weeks ago my friend Ken let me know he picked up a head lamp with a CREE bulb from Target.  He purchased the head lamp on sale for something like 3 dollars but did not like how bright it was and that also it did not have a dimmer switch.  He let me know I could have it because I always want more light.  He also was tired of seeing me try to fix my current headlamp that died on me.  The above picture is of the lamp he gave me and I must say this thing is the ultimate headlamp.  Ken told me it was a 3 watt light but online I can only find review about a 6 watt light.

Now, I will admit the biggest downside to this headlamp is the heat it creates.  The heat will be great in the winter but could also leave a decent burn on my noggin.  Besides that it is the greatest thing since well I bought my 2 watt CREE handheld flashlight.  I give this sucker 4 syringes out of 5 for its great light, wide band, over the head mohawk band, and the size of the light beam. 

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  1. It's a 6 V (volt) lamp. Based on the discussions on the forum you linked, 3 W (watts) is about right (Power (P)=Current (I) x Voltage (E))