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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ouch my toe!

Warning Graphic

I get along with diabetes pretty well.  I love making jokes about eating sugar, or how god hates me because everyone makes fun of diabetics, and how I have to stay home in war time with the women if there were a draft, or hell yeah I will be an organ donor oh wait I can't.  Everyone at works wants me to put my pod on my head to see if it works there.  They also want me to pass out again so they can do the pulp fiction needle in chest act with my glucagon kit.  Just a bunch of fun jokes to go along with this disease that everyone tells me just don't eat sugar and it will be ok.  I have accepted that.

The three things I hate about diabetes are dental, eyes, and of course feet.  These photos just show you how a simple thing turns into what looks like I just got done climbing mount everest and I only have to lose a couple of toes to frost bite.  I was walking up the stairs last night to go to our bedroom and the cat was waiting for me at the top to  pull her tail and rough her up a bit.  She does not like it much but she accepts that I am a boy and she has a tail for me to pull.  I finished playing with her and go up the final two steps and turn the corner but I cut it too short and caught my toe on the corner.  At the time I pretty much knew that it was at least going to bruise but not this bad.

Since I did this on a thursday night and there is not a podiatrist on this planet that accepts new patients on a friday or much less works after lunch on a friday if they even work fridays at all.  I am going to do some soaking and keep it elevated and try my luck on Monday if it does not look better by then.  I had a good run before this and now I might have to rest my feet to heal faster.  Oh the day in the life of a diabetic.

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