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Friday, August 26, 2011

A coke and a smile

I am a forgetful person.  That is why I use the method of everything goes in its own place.  Now in my truck I am a paranoid person (aka: diabetic) that thinks anything that will ever happen will happen when I am in my truck.  So to ward off any terrorist, low blood sugars, flat tire, brake down in the woods for a month, and hunger I keep just about one of everything in my truck.
Lately I have had a thirst for Cherry Coke Zero.  I keep an open 12 pack in the bed of my truck for any random moment I need to get my fix in.  In Texas we have had 100 plus degree days so long that I kind of forgot that it gets to about 125 in my truck.  You can see what happens when you leave an unopened soda in your truck in such heat.  The preasure pushes the top up.
The above picture is of one of the sodas I had in my truck bed.  I only realized the sodas in the truck were doing so bad when driving down the road I see something spraying out of the bed of my truck.  When I got home and parked my truck, the remaining soda from the coke fountain can came rushing out the back of the bed.
My son wanted to throw these on the ground to see what would happen.  They look like any moment the top will shoot off.

Ah, the random friday picture.  The above picture is of the "Scentsy" frog my wife bought me.  She says my truck smells like stale farts all the time.  So Scentsy the frog keeps the truck smelling good all the time.  I need to go online and register Scentsy the frog.  My son gets so mad at me because I make him sit on the other side that Scentsy the frog is on.  When we have multiple people in the back seat I make them move Scentsy the frog to the middle and buckle him in.  If three people are in the back, one person has to hold Scentsy the frog like a baby.
Here is a picture of the "one that got away."  Wow, look how that top just popped right off.  How amazing is that.  I just keep thinking how nature can do this to an unopened soda being left outside.  Should there be a warning?  Like, if you live in Texas do not store outdoors contents may explode.
I thought about drinking one of these guys but have decided against it for now.  maybe in the near future I will drink one to see if the flavor changes in the heat.  I have a good 8 of these sodas ready to be drunk or thrown on the ground as entertainment.

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