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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Med ID wears

It is still hot in Texas.  The above picture is of a path in my backyard.  I am worried my dogs are going to get eaten by the creatures from down below.  The dogs go up to a crack and sniff around and start to bark like something is in it.  Anyways, with all this heat (it is hot every year in Texas) I always have problems with my medical ID bracelet.

Above is a picture of my very nice James Avery medical alert bracelet that my sister purchased for me about nine years ago.  Not sure if you can tell but it is sterling silver with a gold medical symbol.  On the top it has my name: David and on the obverse it says: Insulin Dependant.  I love this bracelet and I get all kinds of kudos about if from James Avery aficionados to people who wear medical IDs.  

My issue is camping and the heat.  I had my bracelet on one weekend in the 109 degree heat and it gets all kinds of black oxidation in the links and on the main part.  I take it to James Avery stores and they clean it up real nice and I also have those polishing towels that make it look cleaner.  I am just on the search for that item to wear being active.  I do not wear my bracelet on camping trips, running, or at the gym.  I am on a hunt for comfortable outdoor medical bling.  Now I do have a card in my wallet that states I am not drunk, I have diabetes and gives all my emergency contact info and my meds and doctor.  I love that saying, "I am not drunk, I have diabetes."  That would make a good bumper sticker.

Here is what someone has suggested to me:

These are those rubber bands that have been taken to a level of alert bracelet.  The only thing is I hate putting those things on my wrist and the cost seems way high for a rubber band.

This is the same concept of the rubber band but this one has different colors on the band and looks of a higher quality.  Still 7.95 for each band just is a little rich for my blood.

I think this looks fun.  They are temporary tattoos that are medical alert based.  The only thing is they look like they are designed for an eight year old and they don't have any "adult" looks.


  1. I used to have the same problem with the heat(I also live in TX.) I thought about alternatives, and finally settled on getting the words "Insulin Dependent Diabetic" along with the medic alert symbol actually tattooed on my arm. I know, we heal slower, are more prone to infection, etc. my doctor actually complemented on it when he first saw it.