Thursday, June 30, 2011


I like to keep items in the house to help out with low BG's.  I of course keep a pack of Reli On fast acting glucose tablets in my briefcase, car, desk, house, bedside, and anywhere else I can.  Oh I almost forgot I keep them in my backpack, my diabetes bag, and my pocket whenever I am out and about.  The only thing is that when my blood sugars are low they are the one time I get to eat some sugar.  Why is it that for diabetics the choice seems to be OJ or glucose tablets.  I have added to my fridge a gallon of this citrus punch that I get at Aldi.  It costs me about $1.72 for a gallon and I absolutely love this stuff.  If you are wondering what it is well basically just a generic of Tampico.  The issue I get from Tampico is the cost is around 3 bucks and if I can get the same thing for half that makes my diabetic wallet happy.
What makes this stuff so good is that it is thick so it gives you a little substance rather than the tablets that are powdery and make your mouth dry when you are chewing them up as fast as you can when low.  It also hits my system faster and gives me that little bit of confidence I am looking for when low.  I can eat half the fridge if my BG's come down fast and I have that still going lower feeling.  The 32 grams of carbs in 8 oz's is great.  I also use this out on the trail when doing family style camping because this stuff does not need refrigeration and is a great spike before activity.  Weather it is running, camping or doing chores I give this stuff 5 syringes out of 5 for the quality, cost, and convenience of this great gooey drink. 

The other thing I keep on me most of the time during the week and is a must for all camping is several packages of Haribo Happy Cola.  These guys are good in any weather till up to around 95 degrees or so.  Even then they just melt into a gummy cola blog which is good as well.  If I can't get the happy cola a close second is gummy worms.  These guys are a great trail snack and keeps the sugars up when doing activities in the outdoors without the side effects that other foods and snacks have.  I purchase the happy cola at Aldi for .88 cents a package.  I give Haribo Happy Cola 4 syringes out of 5 because they are not good for real low BG's and they can get a little old if you eat the whole package at once but they are a nice small rewarding treat.

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