Monday, June 27, 2011

why did the chicken cross the road

So I have this game I play while in the car either driving or riding with someone.  I try to get pictures of exotic cars and I call this "Car Fishing."  I call this car fishing because just like actually fishing you have to first find the fish (in this case it is usually cars) and then get into position and get your phone out and get a picture of the car.  So it is alot like fishing.
I drive by this house on my way to work everyday and  it sits on a couple of acres.  The back of the house has a half acre dry pond and these two giant white dogs sit on the banks everyday.

I have seen peacocks on the house and have been trying to get a picture of them because the people I work with never believe me that this house has peacocks.  This has been haunting me for over a year now and every picture I get looks like just two blobs on a house and makes me out to be a creeper taking pictures of a house as I drive by.  I consider the house kinda like Noah's ark with the two dogs and I usually just see two peacocks sitting on the roof and the empty pond seems like they are getting ready for a flood.

So what a day it was when the peacocks are running across the street right in front of my car.  I had to stop and gave me a great opportunity to catch a photo of them on my phone.  I get to work this day with a smile from ear to ear and show all my concerned co-workers and of course the first thing out of their mouth is: "Can you get a picture of them with their tails out in full bloom?"  I was so deflated after that.  Over a year and they want me dressing up like a girl peacock getting the tails to fluff up and having the birds pose for a picture or something.

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