Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So my wife and son had left for St. Louis thursday for a family vacation with her parents on a 4,500 mile trip to see all of america  I decided to hang out with my mother at her house in Oklahoma and also spend time with my brother, his wife, and kids.  Now this makes 6 weekends in a row I have not spent at home.  My cat is getting real use to the huge bowl of food and mountain of cat litter for her to spend plenty of time in and not use the floor or corner.
I got a chance to sit around the house watching tv and catching up with my family.  We had the chance to see the HBO series "Game of Thrones."  My mother and brother are real fans and wanted me to see all 10 hours and what better than a hot, dry, and long weekend to see it in its entirety.  Since there was a burn ban my nights were free from snakes and sparklers.
I did alot of sleeping in as well with the tv watching.  Since my mother made me watch her new favorite show and my brother made me watch military documentaries such as "Despiro" which was ok.  I made my family watch my favorite documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop."  They thought it was as good and what I thought of there shows.  Which would be somewhere in the middle of good and OK.
My Mother had all sorts of chores and cleaning for us boys to do.  One such item was cleaning her garage full of boxes.  I had the great idea while cutting down her pile of boxes to make my own tag just like the guy "Banksy" from exit through the gift shop.  I thought what could I do that represented me and would be a cool mark to leave.  Well being a diabetic of course a syringe and with my patented rating scale of 5 syringes what better.

Once I had my tag I had to try it out and see if it actually did look like a syringe and how the stencil would work.  I started taging everything in her garage from this table to her garage walls and even her trash cans.

Notice my hair is in my just out of the pool pho-hawk that I rolled with the rest of the weekend.  My brother was not hot on the paint drips but I thought it made it look even more authentic.

Dia-Banksy and his stencil out to hit the streets of taging.  Just kidding, I was done once my mothers garage was clean of boxes and had my mark all over it.

Even though I did not work on my trail over the 4th weekend nor was I out hiking or camping it is always good to see family.  I did have a want to head out to the ranch this coming weekend to touch some things up but since I am alone and that would not be safe I will have to pass.  I have been asked to assist on bringing back our bus driver from camp sunday and we are going to do some beavers bend fishing and some outdoors exploring.  Stay tuned in it should be exciting.

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  1. Nice hair. Are you gonna scout out some hiking trails (including parking areas) at Beaver's Bend?