Monday, June 13, 2011

farmers market

What a fun time my wife and I had this weekend doing the camping/couples things.  We were at the Athens Farmers market Saturday morning.  I don't get excited about the big farmers markets and try to steer away from them.  Alot of your large farmers markets are just producers selling produce that is not ripe for the grocery stores yet.  So if you see stacks and stacks of boxes and the fruit and vegetables have stickers on them just be on the understanding that they are the same as your grocery store.  If you look in the picture above, that the guys next to these salsa makers have the typical grocery store boxes in their display.  We stayed away from them and headed to the locals.

My wife loves her some salsa and she found these guys above selling some real hot salsa.  They told her that if she bought their hottest she would get a free bottle of water.  She could not turn that down and she loves to get new ideas for her own salsas.  I tell her that she must have holes in her soul from how hot that salsa was that we brought home.  She said I was a wuss and should stick to my girlie salsa.

This gentleman was cracking my wife up.  I am not aware of "Chow-Chow" and my wife was wondering what you put it on and this guy would go on and on about how to cook stuff.  Then his wife would come over each time and tell him he did not know what he was talking about.  He would agree and say "well I don't cook."  Then he would just go right into his next story of how to cook something.  My wife liked him and decided to get some jalapeno jelly from him.

This is a good look for a farmers market.  The vendors are small churches or farmers selling what they have ready to eat.  There were 2 of the supermarket distributors in disguise vendors but you just move on from them.  One guy had just one squash on his table, some zucchini, and canned goods.  He said that was the last of his 10 squash he had ready and he sold the others and was down to his last one.

This is what I love about the farmers market.  Getting things you either have never had before or something you rarely have and want to try another home made recipe.  Above are pickled eggs and they were pretty good.  They were in a plain vinegar style brine.  We ate a couple and figured they would make a tasty egg salad.  My father used to make pickled eggs when I was a kid and put them with pickled pigs feet.  This brought me back and I realized I am alot like my father.

Now, diabetics be vary careful at the farmers market.  There are alot of jellies, salsas, and breads to sample.  Usually if things are homemade like breads and jams they have alot more calories, sugars, and fats in them.  I stay far away from the cookies, breads, and baked items for this reason.  If I look at the breads my sugars go to 200 instantly.  I just let them know I am diabetic and they usually do not harass me for not trying the items.  I do always try the jalapeno jams and jellies.  My wife is on a life long search for the hottest salsa on the planet.  One guy had a raspberry jalapeno jelly.  It was OK but needed more jalapeno for my liking.

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