Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diabetes and geocache

So they wife found a new app for her iPhone which is all about Geo caching.  I posted earlier about My wife and I being at our land in east Texas this past weekend.  So before we headed home on Sunday we had to do some geocaching and also stop by Canton for First Monday trade days.

We headed to "Becks Chapel" cemetery which is about a half mile from our land.  What a great way to start your geocaching hobby but with your first cache just down the road in a nice old cemetery.  It was real neat to see that all the people with land around us had family in this cemetery and there was still paces for Brenda and I to reside once we hit that part of the road.

These are some pictures of the chapel that was built in 1882 and is still used to this day for service.

We were about to leave after we spent about an hour looking at the cemetery and finding the geocache.  We wrote our names on the list and my wife and I started to drive off when I noticed these corrugated tin looking buildings out back and wanted to get some pictures of the church and investigate more to see what else is around.
WOW, was I surprised when I turned the corner and the corrugated tin building said "Women" on it and I could see that the other one said "Men's."  I was almost on the floor laughing just thinking of the ladies all dressed up for church and nature calls and they have to visit the outhouse.  I had to see inside to get a glimpse of the facilities.

Now I have camped all over the south and have used many different restrooms.  Never have I seen an outhouse for a restroom at a church, nor a women's restroom look this bad (not that I go checking it out or anything)  I just envision seashells and flowers in all women's restrooms..

When I walked out of the restroom I see this cat walking by and I started to look at it more because I have seen some big cats in my days (Texas grows house cats the size of raccoons) but the more I realized the size of the cat and the distance it was from me that this was no stray cat living off of the Becks Chapel restrooms.  This was something of the wild side.  I thought to myself what large cat this would be but it had a large 2 1/2 foot tail so it was no bobcat, and it looked like the color of a grey short haired cat.  When I got home I looked on the Internet for East Texas Wild Cats and came to the conclusion that it was a Mountain Lion.

Now that I am home I was just thinking of the great opportunity I had to film a mountain lion and what kind of story is that to tell.  The gentleman we bought the land from said they used to come to Lake Zaine to drink before the scout ranch put up the 8 foot tall fence.

So what did I learn from all of this?  Well even though I am not going to go and spend alot of money on a GPS for geocaching.  I still had a great time with my wife visiting a place I have driven by but never stopped and looked and got to see the hilarious bathrooms and of course the topping of it all was the mountain lion walking by and just looking at me like, dude it is 102 degrees out here get in the shade.

We also went to the other side of our property to find another geocache where we met a fellow that was in Iraq as a soldier and was arrested out in the middle of the night finding a geocache.  He said he had found over 5,000 caches and from east Texas he was heading west to Arlington to find the oldest cache in the state. 

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