Tuesday, June 21, 2011

more geocaching

After the wife and I spent a few hours picking the fresh blueberries two weeks ago  my wife pulled out her IPhone and wanted to see if there were any "geocaches" in the area.  We cam across this dollar cash that was about a half mile from the blueberry farm so we ran over to see if we could find it.  The spot was on the side of a farm to market road next to a tree.  Now that we are getting better at this we first went to the tree and looked around.

After we figured the tree had nothing to do with the cache and I noticed the giant tree stump and walked over and saw the hole in the top with the piece of wood covering it.  Now I was a little bit concerned that we were almost on a driveway next to a farmers two young bulls that were very curious about us.  I asked my wife if there were any dangers with geocaching , farmers, bulls, maybe guns, and so on.  Luckily the house seemed empty at the time and we proceeded to get the cache out of the hole.

This is what we find under the piece of wood that was covering the cache.  A very big and angry black widow spider and her sack of babies.  It was a good idea that my wife used a stick to move it.

She was alot of fun to look at and see her protect those sacks.  We inspected the hole for any other visitors or guardians and pulled out the cache box.

Here is a look inside the box and the the clue said something along the line of take one if you are in need but please leave one if you can.  I like that and we put 4 quarters in the cache for someone in need and my wife signed the log and registered everything on the website.

So we took an extra 30 minutes out of our day and not only picked fresh blueberries but we were stared down by a couple of bulls and nearly were bit by a huge black widow spider.  Taking a small amount of our time to have a little extra fun pays dividends in the end.  I would recommend to anyone and especially diabetics that geocaching is a fun way to get in the outdoors and have a small adventure that who knows what will happen.  I will always remember my encounter with the mountain lion and now will add my black widow spider and bulls to the list of creatures I would have never saw if it were not for my wife and her new geocaching hobby.

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