Friday, June 17, 2011

new soda

So my wife and I were at a less than one stop town checking out the re-opening of their store when I noticed this soda called: Neuro in oddly shaped bottles with funny second parts of the name like Neuro-Bliss and Neuro-gasm.

I liked that it had 35 calories so I knew there were just a couple of carbs and that this might increase the sweetness.  We picked out a couple of different flavors.  I liked that it was kind of fizzy with a thicker feel to it in your mouth.  I am not a fan of the flavored water and this is a good bit different with still a refreshing water like quality to it.

At the end of the day once I had finished off both bottles and my wife called me a fatty.  I realized the drinks were lacking a little on the flavor side but we both agreed if you drink alcohol (I do not and my wife does) this would be good to mix with it.  So on a diabetic syringe scale of 1 to 5 syringes I would give the Neuro drink line 3 syringes.  They played it safe with the flavor but went extreme with everything else.  Also the price takes away as well at around 2 bucks a bottle it leaves you wanting more.  I did not notice any changes or need for any insulin.

Here is an official non-diabetic review:

This soda will probably be off the shelves in 2 years like all other low and slow moving overpriced soda-ish drinks.  It was a hot day and I was in the sun and wanted a little different in my life.  I would tell all diabetics to at least try it.  You might post a comment on here and change my mind.

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