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Friday, September 30, 2011

Have you ever made a colossal misjudgment?

Last night I wanted to get out and run a few miles.  I am getting stressed about this "Hot Potato 15k" coming up the last weekend of October.  It is not every weekend you get to do a trail run for Diabetes support and I want to do good.  There was this storm was off to the south of town and the air was very still.  I figured if the storm came then it would take several hours to get to me and I would have plenty of time to get back home.  How wrong I was.  Don't mind the pictures of my dead back yard.  We are in a severe drought in the Dallas area and I am out camping so much on the weekends that I just let my backyard go to pots this year.  Usually the backyard looks better than the front but just so much heat and little rain has destroyed my yard.  All the green is just weeds.  I am going to have to take some time and do some green thumb work around the house.

I set off to just run as far as I felt comfortable run (either the rain or time was the limit).  A little sore from the past two days but I wanted to get alot of miles in this week before we have off the wall weather and my calendar picks up again.  Now all of the pictures you see are just of the clouds that moved in and well I have video of the after affect of the lightning but I am still working on my diabetic tech savyness and forgot to load it on YouTube.  So just imagine lightning everywhere.
I was about 2 miles from the house when a beautiful lightning storm was upon me.  I have rarely felt scared while out running but after a while this turned out to be something other than just a pretty lightning show .  There was this time a few years ago when I was out running and a storm blew in and by the time I got home a tornado hit about a quarter mile from where I was running.  Now last night I underestimated the weather and the amount of lightning hitting in the area I was running.  The lightning was so bad I could feel the electricity in the air and my fingers were tingling even the hair on my arms was standing on ends.  As I got home from sprinting the last mile, my neighbor (type 1 diabetic as well) was pulling in the driveway.  He gets out ands says, "Dave you are pretty stupid running in a lightning storm like this."  I let him know that I understated the weather and he was 100% correct about how smart I was.  Then about an hour later my wife gets home from coaching volleyball and she sees me in my running garb and makes pretty much the same comment of how stupid I am running in a lightning storm.  She told me how bad it was driving the bus and running in it was just pure dumbness.  The moral of this story is: kids don't jar (that is an old Texas Rangers saying).  No I am kidding the real moral is just because you have never been hit by a tornado or lightning does not mean you need to tempt fate at every chance you get.  I sometimes feel ten foot tall and bullet proof.  I need to back off of my stance that god will not punish me any more than he has and just take myself to the rec center and run on a  treadmill.  Maybe I could lift a dumb bell once or twice as well.

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