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Thursday, September 22, 2011


So my wife's Volleyball team had a big tournament last weekend while our son and I did the Diabetes outdoor day in Tyler, Texas.  She was real nervous about this tournament but, her team came together and won first place in the tournament.
She came home all excited and I wanted to get photos of her and the trophy but she let me know that she would just send me the tournament picture.  I noticed after she was settled down that they gave her a complimentary water bottle.  Now if you have ever met my wife she never uses water bottles.  Not that, that is a bad thing.  It is a good thing because I get a new water bottle to use.  This made me even more excited about her winning the tournament.
Check out this bottle.  It is tall, medium in girth and has a fancy nipple top.   I have never used a bottle like this but have seen many people who love this design.  I have been using it for four days now and must admit this thing is great.  I can put ice in it unlike my bottle and it has my favorite feature the nipple top.  
Now this nipple top is a little awkward.  It is kind of small like a straw and makes you feel a little girly but, hay I am as girly as it gets at times.  I do like this flip up style and the plastic feels solid and of some quality.  My old nipple top bottle (god rests is soul) was of a lesser quality and now is six feet under in that great recycling bin in the sky.
I could not have received this bottle at a better time.  With my new "S" biner clips from Nite Ize I am ready to camp this weekend and have my water bottle by my side all weekend and for months and months to come.  I go through water bottles like nothing.  See the big loop on top of the water bottle, it gives you ease of clipping to anything from backpacks, briefcases, and shorts.  Sometimes god just looks down and says "Hey you diabetes guy, here is a gift" and that gift was the greatness of a free water bottle.

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