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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

S biner clip review

So above is my: murse, man-bag, european shouldber bag, briefcase, or whatever you want to call it but it is mine.  I keep my everyday stuff in here from lunch, papers, survival gear, and diabetes supplies.  I used to do the backpack but being a professional I wanted to reflect that and my wife had this briefcase (that is what I call it) laying around so I converted to it.  Don't get me wrong having a briefcase on a camping trip is not exactly useful so the backpack is used for camping.  Now I put everything in this bag from pocket knives to glucose tablets and even my car insurance.
About a month or so ago I saw one of my friends Charles Meachum with a pair of shorts on that had these biner clips built right into the waistband.  Now, since I began on my pumping in 1999 I have converted every pair of pants and shorts into belt looped products (OK so my running shorts do not have belt loops).  So I basically am a dorky batman dude with everything on my belt from cell phone, pump, pocket knife and flashlight if needed.  The only thing is I still use a backpack on camping events for my pump backup supplies, meter, and glucose tablets.  When I saw Charles with these handy clips on his shorts that got me the idea to maybe get on and try it out.
I will tell you what.  These S biner clips by Nite Ize are amazing.  I think at first they were going to be like those flimsy D-rings that come on water bottles and small first aid kits.  Not these things, they are heavy duty and what makes them great is the ergonomics of them.  They slightly bent the metal clip part so that it is easy to open and remove items.  Now I was wondering what good is the "S" design (back to comparing it to a D-ring).  The "S" designn is what also makes this little gadget user friendly because you clip it onto what you want with the tip clip then on the bottom portion you can dangle everything your hearts desire.  Two weeks ago I had my coffee cup on my belt and in my bag as seen above I keep my compass and magnessium fire starter attached to it.  I also keep my keys on it while at work.
Above is a picture of my compass and magnessium fire starter hooked onto the S biner.  Why do I keep these things on me at all times?  Maybe it is the "a scout is always prepared" or in my head I think the end of our current world is going to happen while I am away from home and need to be prepared for marshal law or something.
In the end I give the Nite Ize S biner clip 5 out of 5 syringes.  These things are great for diabetics to hook your meter bag to your belt or a bottle of water.  If you are a diabetic I seriously think you need to look into adding these things into your arsenal of things for daily care.  If you look on the Nite Ize website they have alot of off the wall crazy items.  I am not that adventuresome to try some of this stuff until I see others using it and recomending it to me, but that is just me.  I am slow at times when it comes to change.  Now I am not saying my belt is not full of gadgets or I don't cary my backpack out camping.  I am just saying the S biner clip adds too the McGrubber approach to life.

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