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Monday, October 3, 2011

Costume Party

This weekend I had a conflict of events.  My friend Paul was attending a tower climbing and rappelling certification camping trip.  I really wanted to get certified in climbing and rappelling and of course camping is always tops on my list.  The only thing is Saturday night my wife and I were invited to a murder mystery costume party.  Since the party was Saturday night I had to make a choice, either camp with my son and Paul and get tower certified or attend the party with my wife.   The choice was easy, of course I was going to go to the party with my wife and support her and have a fun night out.  I can get tower certified another weekend and really how often do I go rappelling?  Not too often. 
Now the theme of the party was based on "Deadwood" and I was to be Con Stapleton.  My wife let me know that first I had to get a big colorful hat, deck of cards, western outfit, and be dumb.  The dumb part is real easy for me and I have a western belt with some leather shoes that pass for western.  I just needed was this colorful hat and accessories to set it off as old west, not new west.
Now I think you can see from the pictures that finding a colorful cowboy hat is harder than I thought.  Plus I am cheap and not sure if I was ever going to need this hat again.  Then I had to look the part and make my wife happy with my appearance.  Yea, the hat above did not make the cut.  My son and I had a good day at Party City.
The final hat that closest fit the bill.  My red, kind of girlish hat above.  This hat was found after hours of searching through slutty nurse outfits, slutty teacher outfits, and slutty vampire outfits.  My son and I finally came to the conclusion that on Halloween women want to be slutty one day out of the year.  The store is broken down into three parts.  The first part is children's costumes which is about 60% of the store.  The next part is slutty women's outfits and this is about 30% of the store.  The the final part is everything else and that makes up the final 10% of the store.  Now I am not saying anything is bad about this, it is just a little awkward around my 15 year old son looking at fish net stockings and skin tight miniskirts.
Car fishing on the way home.  I spotted this Maserati and had to move in for the catch.
Here is a better picture of the Maserati.  Looks to be a Gransport.
Do I look like Con Stapleton or what?  I think all of you just said or what.  Anyways I feel the part and kind of look good at it as well.  I picked the vest up at party city as well.  Now the vest said fits most sizes and I would fall under that line but it was real tight.  Or maybe I am just that buff, maybe not.
Here is my wife dressing up like one of those geisha girls.  She was Mrs Wu and from what little I know about Deadwood I think the role was transformed from the Mr. Wu because she had the similar interests of the Chinese in Deadwood.  The host of the party wrote the murder script and did a very good job.  We had a ton of laughs and ate fried chicken and got to know one another.  I found out later that the host of the party was a diabetic as well and he and I had a good discussion on diabetes.  In the end my wife won best female costume and also best female character.  If you always say no to things in life just because you are diabetic or are shy and embarrassed, in the end life just might be passing you along.  Get out and do something different and have fun for gods sake.

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