Monday, March 18, 2013

When analogies go wrong!

I was watching the morning political shows last Sunday while cooking up some grilled onion and mushroom omelets with a side of coffee.  The talk was way boring and I was thinking to myself when NASCAR might be on or if I could go back and see a recap of the F1 race in Melbourne Australia.

Then I heard in the video link above at about the3:00 minute mark where Ana Navarro starts to use an analogy of how the Republican Party is like a three legged stool.  Now here is the transcript:
>>we used to talk act conservatism as a three-legged stool. i can tell you at least one or two of those legs are awfully wobbly if you judge it by the cpac conference because the national security, the strong defense is getting wobbly. and also social views, social issues. you've got rand paul saying let's back off from talking about that. so, i mean, we're either down to being a bicycle or unicycle depending on who's speaking.
Also here is a link to the full transcript:
Now for all us campers and those that take pictures (think camera tripods) and the such are familiar with the use of any three legged device and that is because a three legged device is never "wobbly" because of the physics behind it.  A three legged stool is always stable because it depends on all three legs to stay upright and what the trade off is the top might not be level because one leg is shorter than another.  When a chair is wobbly it is because of the four legs it has and if one is shorter than another that makes the chair wobbly.  The end of her analogy I think she realized that she was using it wrong because she switch to a bicycle and unicycle but I was just going crazy yesterday thinking about this.  Yes, I know I need to switch the channel to something else if this bothers me but, it all goes back to knowing the science and reasoning behind stuff and that is what teaching people is all about.  You can get someone to memorize anything or show them exactly how something is done but to really teach them something you have to educate them on the principles behind it.  Just like how a GPS device, cell phone, and all sorts of things work you have to know what they do or replaced to understand them properly and once someone understands how they work then they know why to use them and how.  This is one of the many reasons I feel that camping and the outdoors is so important is that you get to do all sorts of stuff at the base level such as your house is a tent, your kitchen is a campfire and pots, and you have to dig your own cat hole to drop a dooce.
So look, take none of this as political and just understand I am a fool and let this three legged stool analogy bug me in such a way.  Now go back to your lives and next time you are out camping and use a tripod to hang a pot over a fire, build a shelter, or make a table just remember why you use it and not a quadropod.

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