Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It is always better with people!

 I was talking to my brother the other day and he bought his little boy a bike for Christmas.  Yes, we are all thinking of that David Spade movie "Dickie Roberts: former child star" scene where Spade was to reenact the Christmas morning bike scene as a little boy coming down the stairs to see his new bike.  OK, but back to the point my brother bought his boy a bike but nobody else in the family has a bike and so the boy has rode his bike maybe for five minutes probably ten times.  That got me thinking about how I could help me and him with all of this which was to give my brother my mountain bike.
 I think the thing about riding your bike is first to go from point a to point b as a person that cannot drive like a youth.  Then there is the general workout of those who like bikes, and last is the "Biker gang" where you and your buddy's go out and cruise the streets for dead frogs, creeks, and other assorted things to get into trouble.  So many people have bikes hanging in their garages like stuffed animal heads of things they have killed and never plan to do again.
Now, this bike I gave my brother was not without strings attached, first there was the muratic acid that had done a solid number to alot of the parts so he had to lube alot of rusty metal, second it had a couple of broken spokes so some new rims were in need, and last my bike was not being ridden by me so it needed two cheeks attached to a person to give it love and that would be my brother.  Then once we got the bike into basic working order we took it to the shop where I purchased it from a solid 13 or so years ago and they did a free tune up and gave us a discount for the parts needed which came to a bit over 100 bucks.  Then my mother also picked up a bike so that now the three of them can ride and even start to get the rest of the family out and about.  Soon there will be a whole "Hennesey Gang" out on the streets with playing cards in their spokes looking fit and tough.