Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hawaiian Shirt Day!

So today was "Hawaiian Shirt Day" at work today and I like so many of my co-workers like to always participate in any work activity.  This always makes me think of the clip above from the movie" "Office Space"

This is me in my dads old Hawaiian shirt from like thirty years ago and still looks as bright today as it did then!  Everyone always thinks this is a fake Hawaiian shirt from like walmart or something but no it is the real deal vintage duds now.  My dad received this from friends of our family when I was like in kindergarten.  Our friends traveled to Hawaii and brought this back for him, since he was the neighborhood A/C repairman.  He taught non-essential safety systems for the FAA which includes your generators, lightning rods, and of course heat and air so everyone on the block got to know him when their air conditioner would go on the fritz.  He would wear this shirt every year to their to the annual BBQ party and I continue the tradition with my work.  So happy Pie day to all of you and also happy Hawaiian shirt day!  I also found a "Hawaiian Shirt Day" song.

Then last I am still needing everyone to donate at least 10.00 dollars to my Ragnar capaign so we can show that diabetics can do any sort of crazy events such as run something like 200 miles!  Please donate today and any amount helps us bring outdoor activities to diabetics across this land!  An outdoor exercising diabetic is one less burden for everyone else so your dollars go to the best medicine for diabetics and that is exercise in a safe manner.

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