Friday, March 15, 2013

Greatest Sleeping Bag Ever!

 Now I must say this is only a "one off" sleeping bag made by some artist with some purpose for making it.  Whatever the reason was to make this sleeping bag it now must be mass produced so that I can get one.
 Think of the hours and hours of fun you would have with a sleeping bag like this.  First what do couples do on a bear skin rug?  Right, then think of the fun if you have kids and their first camping trip.  So this is the most versatile sleeping bag ever, heck you could even use this as a Halloween costume.
 Now I do understand that this not the most practical, use full, or efficient sleeping bag but it is the most fun and alot of the time fun makes camping what it is.
This last picture is worth owning a sleeping bag like this.  The hand coming out of the mouth just looks so real.  You are asking me where I found this sleeping bag?  This was in today's email from if you sign up for their daily email then you would get this "22 Unusual Sleeping Bags" email today.  Most of the time the emails are just looked at briefly by me and then quickly put into the trash file but this one is a great one.

Also don't forget I need you to donate ten bucks (I really would like more but lets start somewhere) to support in our team challenge to run 200 miles and create awareness for the need to exercise with diabetes.

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