Friday, March 22, 2013

Someone stole my idea!

 OK, so first of all they really didn't "steal" my idea but I have thinking in my head with all this new technology while we camp and being diabetic with a million gizmo's as well that need charging and batteries that someone would create an "outdoor system."  So you see the odd looking flashlight above which is not anything exciting with only 75 lumins but when you see what it does you understand how this is the beginning of a new movement.
 See, this flashlight is actually a rechargeable battery unit that you plug a light into and then it becomes a flashlight.  Then you can plug other items into the USB port and charge devices.
The picture above is the battery part of the flashlight being used as a phone charger.  Now I was thinking you could use this same concept and have like built in LED lights in a tent and when you go to bed you just take the flashlight adapter of the front and plug in the tent lights.  Then you can have a lantern attachment, or a bug zapper, fan, and all sorts of things that just plug into one simple battery.  See everyone I do come up with a good idea every once in a while, just now I need to market them before others do.

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