Wednesday, November 28, 2012


One of the parents in our scout troop has this message on his cell phone when you call him.  The message talks about staph infections and bad things that can happen to you if wounds are left untreated, some really scary stuff so I asked him what this info-mobile phone-advertisement was all about.  He let me know about the company he works for that has this product Curaxene and how it treats bacterias and open wounds.  He then let me know that it works on mosquito bites as well and that when he got the chance he would give me a sample to try.  Now I figured this would be interesting to try but was not for certain he would remember and give me some samples to try.  Well about a month ago his son came to me with a few of these little bottles that looked like eye drop thingies and told me they were from his dad for me to try out the next time I had a cut, wound, or bug bite.

Now, I am not one to wear mosquito repellent very often.  My use of mosquito repellent is basically restricted to camping and I never wear it while mowing the lawn or doing simple things around the house like when we are supposed to be wearing bug spray.  The Dallas area has had a few cases of this West Nile disease and for some reason we had a few late breakouts of large amounts of mosquito's this fall.  The other day I was out at the land with the chainsaw doing my thing to keep mother nature from overtaking everything and at the end of the day once I was back in the cabin I realized I had been bit quite a few times and these bites were very much itchy.  With this late realization that I should have put the bug spray on I remembered the free samples of Curazene and put just a little drop on all the bites and let me tell you this diabetic friends of the inter-web, this stuff was amazing.  I don't know what it is made of, something like unicorn tears and ground up rainbows but the instant I put it on each bite the itch and sting went away.  I was a little nervous to post about this amazing product, not sure if this stuff is on the market or anything so I did a little research and easily found their website with the actual information about the product and all the other things I could have been using it for and also noticed they have an offer for free samples.  This made me instantly want to post my findings to you all great inter-web diabetics so you too can now not suffer from west Nile mosquito bites.  I give this product 5 syringes out of 5 syringes because it is an absolute miracle drug and I have barely scratched the surface for all it is for (get it, scratch the surface).  This stuff is even for zits and pimples, kind of like the arm and hammer baking soda for your body.  Go to the website and get your free sample today.  The website is: 
and the free sample page is:

Disclaimer: I get nothing for this but the satisfaction that you will not suffer from mosquito bites or zit pains.  No money came my way nor did they even ask me to write about this I just like to help you out and this product was so good you have to get the free sample and let me know all about it.

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  1. Dave thank you for the review. We are really excited about our new product Staph-Relief for skin and soft tissue infections.

    They can also reach us by email or phone 888-800-5630.

    Again Dave thank you