Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why do I keep missing opportunities?

Last week sometime was Halloween and at work we love to get into the spirit of any holiday (OK, we do have about a 50% nonparticipation but the rest of us have fun) and I was really wanting to be the band from the Red Stripe beer commercials but, no one wanted to do it with me, I didn't want to hunt down the costume and so I gave up.  The night before Halloween I was in debate as to what to be.  Should I be Santa clause, I have a Santa outfit in the closet, should I be a cowboy, I have a cowboy costume in the closet, or should I be generic military dude and call myself Forest Gump and just say his famous quote all day: "She tasted like cigarettes."  You can tell from the picture above I went with the final option and then last night I realized what I should have done was even more simple but much more witty.
I should have just worn my boy scout uniform and said I was Scoutmaster Ward from the Khaki scouts on the movie "Moonrise Kingdom."  That would have been witty, easy, and I could have just said " He flew the coupe" all the time and been in character.  Oh well, another year and I missed another opportunity.  There is always next year and I can have my Scoutmaster Ward uniform in order.

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