Monday, November 26, 2012


 I have had the question come up a few times about "What would the Diabetic Camper do in a super storm like sandy?"  This is the age old question of, can you be prepared for anything.  We all have seen the ads for the Discovery show "Doomsday Preppers" and lots of people are left over conspiracy theorists with bunkers, and some even have stock left over from Y2K.  There are even companies that will sell you a backpack with everything they think you need to survive a 72hour emergency.  Then those of us with diseases like diabetes and the such have to be prepared for any emergency every time we leave the house.
My answer to the question of "WWTDCD" (what would the diabetic camper do) is a simple one in any situation like Sandy.  First, I would get all the information about the storm as soon as possible then when the government says it is going to be bad, or I felt it was going to be a bad storm,  I would load up my car and head out of town.  I know you are all disappointed that I wouldn't stay and ride it out or have some sort of diabetes mega plan, but the fact is why stand in the way of anything bad that is headed right toward you?  Personally once they told me to leave I would pack the car and head to a nice and warm resort town that is not in the way and have a vacation.  I would watch the news to see the damage, go have some fun, and not freakin worry about it.  Someone once told me that we should never stress out about the things we cannot change and a storm hitting my house is nothing I can change so having fun is my change.  Then once the storm passed over and my anxious neighbors headed back to see the damage I would call them and ask how they are and what my property looked like.  If the news was bad it would seem a great time to extend the vacation I was on, if the news was good and the electricity was back on, I would end the vacation and head back home.

When I was in grade school, we had this teacher that taught us about the science of nature and that how nature was always 10 times stronger than any human ever could be or anything we could create.  We watched videos on how they would put the seed of a vine in concrete and with one of those slow motion videos they showed how the seed would sprout and destroy the concrete.  It seems these days we teach the opposite that humans are 10 times stronger than nature which is completely wrong and warps our sense of nature and we think that hiding under our covers in our warm houses will save us.  The thing is that we all forget is nature will do anything to survive and if we are in her way or try to stop her, we will lose.  I am not saying that nature is bad nor am I saying to not care about mother nature, I am saying she doesn't have feelings or care about your property.  She takes the path of least resistance and does her will.  Now take that theory where ever you go and you will wind up with me in a nice warm resort town having fun while your used test strips and dirty underwear are on the 5 o clock news.

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