Monday, November 19, 2012

Not the best caramel, but still good

 I told you all about finding this diabetes low blood sugar gel's at Walmart a while back and last weekend after the ADA 5k they had about a gazillion of these things they were giving away for free.  So you know what I did, I loaded up my bag with a good amount of these suckers and had them on stand by for any low BG.
 There were no low BG's for me to test this new flavor over the past week so I took some for our dawn phenom event.  Where we currently are running a solid 8 miles and I like to have something to keep the bg's in a good place during the run.  Last time I had the mandarin orange flavor which was to die for but at the ADA 5k all they were giving out were caramel flavor.  The funny thing with anything caramel flavored is it can be too sweet or to chemically tasting.  This was a little bit on the chemical after taste.  Not that the flavor was horrible but I would rather have something more natural tasting if I were to be picky with my low bg supplements.  Since these were used as a running additive I would say they are probably a 3 out of 5 syringes on my patented diabetes camper scale.  The consistency is great for running, unlike the brand "GU" which is way to thick and alot of other gels have odd flavors and still are a bit thicker than this stuff is.  I still liked having these along rather than a normal person's gel but still like the mandarin orange flavor the best.
The free packets came with this "raise low blood sugar fast" booklet which I totally was expecting a coupon in the back.  Once I looked through the book I found no coupon for me to save some money on my next batch of mandarin oranges.  I was talking to my friend Jeff, who is a type 1 cyclist and he was telling me how he only likes the "quick sticks" for working out and low bg's.  I pondered this and found out that I personally like different treatments for different sports and types of lows.  The level life gels are great for running which the quick sticks would be difficult if you had little to no water on the run, but they are great for riding.  Now backpacking I usually do alot of chewy things to keep my mouth moist and ears a popping so gummy worms and starburst are great for the trail and I like to stick a glucose tablet in my cheek (like a diabetic dip) to slowly absorb the sweetness along the trail.

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  1. Great example of how we are all different in how we treat our diabetes, right? I can't use those powder quick sticks unless I have lots of stuff to drink with them! :-)

    BTW - I dropped that ClimaPak in the mail yesterday. With any luck it should arrive late in the week. Have fun! Also, I forgot to include the user manual, so you'll have to go to their website and download it.