Friday, June 22, 2012

Women love them and Diabetics need them

 My endocrinologist has been telling me for the past year I need to get a pedicure.  I have gone all my life with feet like goat hoves.  This does not bother me because I do not show my feet to anyone nor do I ever wear open toe shoes.  The thing is I get callus's on my feet that are pretty darn thick and when I go backpacking they sometimes can cause hot spots and on the rare occaision a blister.  Yesterday I went to my local hair stylist to get the few hairs I have cut and she has one of these feet pedicure things so I asked her if she did not mind giving me a pedicure.  She was delighted to do it and I gave her my warnings about diabetes, hoves as feet, and that I have never had one before.  She let me know that the best thing I could have done is tell her I am a diabetic.  She says people often don't tell her about diabetes and she does an intense pedicure that causes some blood to happen and it wont stop and the person now has to heal from wounds from a pedicure that they could have avoided just by letting her know to take it easy.  Then  she tells me to do something to distract myself while she does it because, in her words "women relax and enjoy a pedicure and men tense up and get nervous."  So I played games on my phone and she was so right, I was tense and worried about it the entire time.  In the end my feet now are de-callused and my toe nails are like a fancy goats feet.  She did also give me a suggestion to wear open toe shoes to let my feet breathe whenever possible to keep the hoves to a minimum.  There is no chance I will wear an open toe shoe but will try to not wear socks as much around the house to let the hoves breathe like a fine wine.
REI has a product of the month in their gels and health bar section where they discount the price on one snack/protein/meal bar and a gel.  This month instead of some sort of gel product on sale they had these "Sprot Beans" made by jelly belly.  I bought a few as a pre-run carb load or a to help with a low while on the road or at work.  These are not exactly great as an energy item but as a descent steady release carb item they are great.  The flavor is good for cherry and watermellon but as a good item for lows I would still stick with my gummy worms but these jelly bellies are great for work as a sweet snack or to help tide you over between meals without a sugar spike.

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